Our Speaker
Dr. Richard Pratt is the President of Thirdmill (thirdmill.org). Thirdmill was launched in response to the lack of training of Christian leaders around the world. Thirdmill recognizes where the church is growing the fastest, those Christian leaders have the least amount of training.
What is a Faith Promise?
Faith Promise for world missions is a specific amount of money or goods that you are willing to promise to give – in faith that God will provide it. It is an amount over and above the tithe. At the time you make a Faith Promise, the source of this provision may be unknown to you. This is a commitment to give by faith, based on God’s promises, expecting Him to enable you to give it. Please begin to pray about how God may be calling you to participate in world missions through Faith Promise this year.
Faith Promise Goals
Below are our goals for 2021 Faith Promise Giving.

MAINTAIN – $140,650

  • Support our current missionaries
  • Add another missionary

STRETCH – $153,650

  • Add funding for short-term trips
  • Add another missionary

HALLELUJAH! – $166,650

  • Add special projects funding
  • Add another missionary
  • More funding for short-term trips

Goal to increase the number of participants to 150.

Budget Breakdown
Below is a percentage breakdown on where Faith Promise funds are distributed.
Missions Breakdown