Faith Promise Mission Giving

2022 Faith Promise

In dependence upon God, I pledge to give the following amount: (Mar. 2022 – Feb. 2023)

2022 Faith Promise Goals

We would like to see every family at Highlands involved in giving through Faith Promise.

In order to continue supporting our current missionaries, we need $135,500.

For those who currently give, please continue to sacrificially give to Faith Promise.

If you would like to start supporting global missions, we would suggest that you begin supporting Faith Promise at $10 /week per family.

BASE – $135,000

  • Support our current missionaries

STRETCH – $151,250

  • Add another missionary
  • Add funding for short-term, support, trips

HALLELUJAH! – $166,650

  • Add special projects funding
  • Increase funding for current missionaries

Goal to increase the number of participants to 150.